Sidnee Kilby


Sidnee Kilby originally from Orange, New Jersey, where she began her professional career in Human Resources. A BS degree in Business Management from University of Phoenix helped her to excel in her field. Her passion for helping others, assisted her greatly in her roles in H.R. for multiple corporations. When blessed with motherhood her motivations began to change, she wanted to do something meaningful in her life, something that would make a lasting impact on the lives of people. Sidnee has volunteered as a Leadership Coach, with Loyola University’s Leadership Essentials. The program helps young professionals develop strong leadership skills. She and her husband helped to feed the homeless in Baltimore and someday would like to eradicate homelessness in this country. Sidnee is blessed with two beautiful children, her daughter Darra, son Malcolm and she’s happily married to her soulmate Shelton. 

Her hobbies include cooking, volunteering at her local church, nature walks, massage therapy and caring for her family.