Hometown Seventh-day Adventist Church

Church Board Minutes

Date of meeting: ______________________

Members present: ________ (Chair), __________ (Clerk). [List the other members alphabetically. Even in small churches, it is best to list full name, as there may be a need to review an item.]

Members absent: [List the names of all board members who are not present.]

Invitees:   [Who are invitees? For example, the board may vote a policy of inviting members who are not board members to attend. Some boards allow such individuals to only observe but not participate in discussion. Other boards allow such individuals to participate in the discussion, but, of course, not vote. The policy needs to be clearly announced so that no one will be embarrassed. The board may, at any time, go into an executive session, which means that only board members remain for the discussion and action.]

DEVOTIONAL: The devotional was presented by ____________and prayer was by ____________.

MINUTES: VOTED, to accept the minutes of the Church Board meeting of ___________as presented by the Clerk.  [If any action was modified from the clerk’s report, the specific modification should be stated. Avoid general expressions such as Voted, to accept the minutes of the last Board. Always give specifics, like a date.]

TRANSFER: VOTED, to recommend to the church the membership transfer of _______________to our church from the ___________________________Church.

PASTOR’S REPORT: Pastor ______________reported to the board the following items.

[This gives the pastor an opportunity to share with the Board recent developments. Give a brief summary of each item.]

EVANGELISM/OUTREACH/NURTURE: [List the items shared by the pastor and other leaders in these areas. Each Board meeting should take time to focus on evangelism/outreach and nurturing of existing members].

TREASURER’S REPORT: VOTED, to record the treasurer’s report as of ______________. [It is better to use the word “record” rather than “approve” a treasurer’s report since the statement has not been audited. If you wish to use the word “approve,” it should be followed by the phrase, “subject to audit,” or accept the “unaudited report of the treasurer.”]

YOUTH ROOM CARPET: VOTED, to authorize the head deacon to oversee the installation of new carpet in the Youth Room, by the __________Company at a total cost of __________ and to pay for the project from the Church Building Maintenance Fund. (Please see attached copy of proposal for additional details). [The proposal should list all of the details so at to avoid misunderstandings.]

ADDITIONAL DEACONESSES: VOTED, to recommend to the church that [name of person] and [name of person] be invited to serve as deaconesses. [The individuals voted should be asked if they wish to take the responsibility and then they should be voted by the church as prescribed by the Church Manual.]

NEXT MEETING: The next regular meeting of the board is on ______________________.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned and closing prayer was by _______________.

Additional points:

·      Some board minutes list the name of the person making the motion and the one who makes the second. That is not necessary.

·      Each item in the minutes should have a number such as: 01-12-2016. The “01” is the action number; the “12” is the month and “2016,” is the year.

       All voted actions must to be recorded. It is also best to give a summary of reports even though reports are usually not voted on.