NAD Ministerial Library App

NAD Ministerial Library App is a smart device app where you can subscribe to magazines and books published by theNorth American Division Ministerial Department. It takes advantage of the digital magazine format which pulls the best media features from print, video, graphics, and social media to create a unique experience for pastors.

Each quarter includes a video documentary of a congregation where viewers can experience life in a congregation through the eyes of a visiting pastor. Also included are themes such as discipleship, leadership, transformational evangelism, preaching, church administration, continuing education, and many other relevant topics. Readers also have an opportunity to learn about some of the latest resources developed for pastors and congregations.

The NAD Ministerial Librarycan be viewed on virtually all tablet devices or smart phones. Current platforms supported include Android, iOS.  There is also a pdf version for those who don't have access to an electronic device. Note that many of the videos within the magazine will require a wifi connection to be viewed.

The NAD Ministerial Libraryis available at no charge to download courtesy of NAD Ministerial. To access the magazine users should go to the app store within their tabloid and do a search for ‘NAD Ministerial’.

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