How Do You Answer the Press When One of Your Members Runs for President?


During the 2016 US presidential campaign, Chad Stuart, Senior Pastor of the Spencerville Adventist Church, received a daily barrage of questions from the media about one of his members, Ben Carson, who was running for president. In an interview with CALLED magazine, Chad shares how he used this opportunity to share the mission of the Adventist church without exposing his church to the seedy side of politics. This is one of dozens of stories on local church communication featured in 1Q16 CALLED Digital Magazine for Clergy.

Ivan Williams says“In this edition of CALLED we take a 360 view of how pastors and churches should communicate. You will be thrilled to know we address how to make your communication effective, social media, graphic design, how to draw a crowd, how to make your church irresistible, communicating to the media, and getting the proper help to communicate with excellence.  These articles and more will be help you better communicate the gospel and its mission in efficient and effective ways.” 

Experts in communication from around the North American Division share their knowledge in the ever changing arena of local church communication. CALLED 1Q16 also features a video documentary hosted by Pastor David Kim. Spencerville Church receives a visit from the CALLED team as Kim looks into all aspects of local church communication at Spencerville. Jason Lombard, a marketing professional who has come on staff at Spencerville, shares how he has used his marketing expertise and applied it to the diverse communication needs of a local congregation.

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