Why Is the Ministerial Association Team Going to Oshkosh?

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You may be wondering why the Ministerial Association Team is going to Oshkosh. What do Pathfinders and the Ministerial Team have to do with each other? Doesn’t the Ministerial Team support and oversee pastors? Why do they need to go to the Camporee?

Here is why! We are going to Oshkosh:

•      to value and love this generation of children and youth.

•       to support our sons and daughters in one of the most life changing events they will ever participate in. They need our time, effort, and investment.

•       to help them create awesome memories as they show the love of God and the Compassion of Jesus to the city of Oshkosh through practical acts of kindness and community projects.

•       to encourage them to become disciples of Jesus and to consider full-time pastoral ministry as a life-long calling.

So there you have it, those are the reasons why the North American Division Pastors are going to Oshkosh. These are also reasons why we would love to encourage our Union and Conference Ministerial Directors, as well as church Pastors across North America to take time to accompany their Pathfinders in this most important journey.

Let me share with you how the North American Division Ministerial Association will support the Pathfinders at the Camporee:

PINS - NextGen Pastor Limited Spinner Pin Collection

 We know that Pathfinders love pins! Therefore, the limited spinner pin collection of the North American Division Ministerial Association, which highlights the theme Chosenfor the International Pathfinder Camporee, is coming to Oshkosh. It is a set of six pins, totally free of charge, each pin highlighting a missional initiative of the Adventist Church in North America. Pins will be distributed at different occasions during the camporee. To learn more click here

Baptism Towel and Baptismal Pin

We are praying for a thousand Pathfinders to give their lives to Jesus through baptism during the Camporee. The baptismal towel for each Pathfinder will be provided by the North American Division Ministerial Association. A beautiful baptism pin, part of our collection, will be given as a gift to each Pathfinder, Staff, and chaperone who is baptized during the camporee. To learn more and sign up for baptism during the Oshkosh Camporee, please click on the following link: https://www.camporee.org/about/main-stage/baptism.

CompassionShirt and Pin for each Community Service Project Participant

There are about 10,000 spots for Community Outreach Projects during the camporee. These projects are sponsored by the North American Division Ministerial Association and led by Pastor Paulo Macena and a great team of volunteers, who have worked hard to make sure that at least 10,000 Pathfinders get to go out into the community and show the love of God and the Compassion of Jesus with actions. Each participating Pathfinder, staff, and chaperone will receive a Compassion shirt and a Compassion pin. To view all Compassion Community Outreach Projects, please click here

Prayers and Pins atNextGen Pastor - NAD Ministerial Booth(Hangar A - Booth#: 513) 

Our entire team plus some of our colleagues, Ministerial Directors, and Pastors will be at the booth, as long as the hangar is opened to pray with Pathfinders, staff, and chaperones who are sensing a call from God to pastoral ministry. The Adventist Church in North America will need 2,500 pastors in the next 10 years. This Chosen International Camporee is an opportunity for Pathfinders and Camporee Staff to start considering the call to Pastoral Ministry.

Our NextGen Pastor Limited Spinner Pin Collection will also be available at our booth, free of charge, just pass by and get your pin.

NextGen Pastors Ice-Cream Party - Pathfinder Museum 

On Sabbath, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM we will sponsor an Ice Cream Party with Pathfinders who are interested, thinking, or considering becoming pastors in the future. Current Pastors are also invited to attend. Pastors Dan Jackson, Alex Bryant, Ivan Williams, our Ministerial Team and our Union Presidents will be there to encourage and share a few moments with the potential next generation of pastors of the Adventist Church. If you know a Pathfinder who is contemplating pastoral ministry, let them know, bring them with you, but please don’t let them miss this special moment!

 Our Ministerial Team would love to have the help of Ministerial Directors and Pastors who will be at the Camporee and would like to join us for a few hours at the NextGen Pastor Ministerial Booth. If you would like to minister alongside our team for a few hours, please sign up here



Ivan Williams is the Director of the Ministerial Association of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.