Taking the Vote


As you know, my specialty is Congregational Conflict Resolution Training, so here's a tip for making your meetings less conflicted. 

The chair has a powerful responsibility and opportunity to "train" committee members in best meeting practices and attitudes. Instead of calling for the vote with "all those in favor, say aye... those opposed, say nay," it's better to say "all those in favor say aye... those 'not in favor,' say nay." 

Asking those 'not in favor' to cast their vote will de-emphasize "opposition" in your meetings. The sad truth is that many attend meetings to "oppose" that which they don't agree with, just because that's how they've been oriented.

Let's help our committee members to be better.

Who moves it?


Everton Ennis is the pastor of the New Jerusalem Praise and Worship Center and Newnan First churches in Georgia