The Rock


There once was a rock that sat atop a high mountain peak. It really was a majestic sight. He was washed clean by the rain, dried by the wind and basked in the warm sun. “Up here,” he thought, “I am so big and important. Up here, I can really do something for God.” Yet he would surrender his will and let God lead.

One day as he sat up there, a huge storm rolled in. The thunder crashed and the wind howled. This did not concern the rock, but unexpectedly, the ground began to tremble and shake. It was an earthquake! It knocked him down off his high perch and he took a tumble. As he rolled and bounced down the mountainside, sharp edges and corners broke off and he was hit time after time. As he came to rest on the low hillside he wondered how he could ever be used by God so deep in mud. Yet he would surrender his will and let God lead.

The rain washed more and more mud down almost covering him completely. Days, months, maybe years went by and the rock began to slip and the rock began to slide, the whole side of the hill seemed to be moving. A giant mudslide carried him down, down, down. He landed in a fast flowing mountain stream. The rough waters cleaned off the mud and jolted him downstream until gone was any resemblance of that proud rock high on the mountaintop. Yet he would surrender his will and let God lead.

Now the rock felt small, beaten by the elements and getting farther and farther from anything familiar. When things couldn’t get worse, the stream leveled out and he got stuck AGAIN. He watched leaves and debris float overhead and lost count of the days. He wondered what God’s plan for him was and fell into depression. Yet he would surrender his will and let God lead.

Just when he was beginning to accept his fate, his part of the stream-bed dried up... How could this be? Now he was hot and dusty! How miserable. As he felt the scorching sun beating down on him day after day, he knew he wasn’t ever going to be of any use to God. Why had God ever let him fall from his wonderful perch on top the mountain in the first place? Yet he would surrender his will and let God lead.

As the sunrises turned into sunsets, one day he heard small footsteps nearby. A young lad searching for rocks picked him up, dusted him off... and PLOP stuck him a stuffy, dark, smelly pocket... now this was worse than ever! He bounced along bumped by the other stones. “What was God’s plan for him stuck in here?” He wondered. Yet he would surrender his will and let God lead.

Suddenly, a sliver of sunlight, a small hand and out of the pocket again! But woe of woes, he was spinning round so fast! He was getting dizzy and then, high above the ground he flew fast and straight. Then WHACK! He came to an abrupt stop.

That stone may not have realized it, but God used him to bring about one of the biggest victories in the kingdom of Israel when young David brought down that giant. How many times in your life is God shaping you, molding you, allowing events to happen that bring you to just the right place at just the right time? Just surrender your will and let God lead.

Sanna Ortega is a seminary student at Andrews University