Hope for Your Stuck


Nick is no Santa Claus. One day the 26-year-old Tucson, Arizona man accidentally locked his keys inside the house. Instead of calling a locksmith, breaking a window, or waiting for his wife to come home, he decided to climb up on the roof and shimmy down the chimney. His feet hit the floor and suddenly he was stuck. He was unable to go farther because his body got stuck in the flue. For four long hours the poor man yelled his poor head off, until finally one of the neighbors heard his desperate cry and called the fire fighters. They dropped a rope down to the guy and pulled him out.

Then there is Boris Johnson, the brand-new Prime Minister of Great Britain. During the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, the then mayor found himself hooked up to a zipline in Victoria Park. Donning a hard hat and waving a couple of Union Jacks, he sailed across the lovely London skies until everything came to a screeching stop a mere 65 feet from his destination. While the mayor shouted, “Get me a rope! Get me a ladder!” the crowd laughed and snapped pictures.

Recently a couple of fourth grade boys decided to have some Star Wars fun, with one of them playing the part of Anakin Skywalker and the other Boba Fett. Gearing up for epic battle, the first boy realized he needed a costume, and decided to suit up with a classroom chair. Sticking his head through the back of the chair, the boy quickly realized that he was stuck. Really stuck. The school principal called 9-1-1, and an emergency team set the boy free with a hacksaw.  I guess we’ll never know who won that epic battle!

A few years, there was a Brazilian man who decided that he was tired of prison life and that it was time to make his break, so he ripped a pipe out of the shower room and smashed a hole through the concrete wall of his cell. His skinny accomplice quickly slipped through, and then it was his turn. As he tried to slide his oversized torso through the hole, he got stuck. The man screamed with pain as the jagged edges dug into his sides. His fellow prisoners did everything they could to push him through, but alas, the poor guy was stuck. The guards came running, and what they found made for a hearty laugh, some great pictures, and a headline grabbing story. Eventually they got the man out by enlarging the hole with a sledgehammer.

We laugh, but the sad truth is that we all have places where we get stuck. It could be an addiction or a job you hate. It could be credit card debt or a student loan you can’t get on top of. It could be a health challenge or legal dispute. It could be an abusive relationship you need to get out of, but are too afraid to make the move. It could be that your spiritual journey has stalled out and God seems far away.

These are the things we don’t want to talk about. The things we don’t want anyone to know about. But the truth is, we are stuck. Soul weary. Demoralized. Immobilized. Stuck.

I’ve got good news for you today:  There is hope for your stuck!


Dan Martella is the administrative pastor for the Paradise church in Northern California. He also serves as the managing editor of Best Practices for Adventist Ministry