A Pathway for Discipleship

In this video John Boston talks about school evangelism. He says that in Australia they have a massive Adventist education system that is considered one of the best in the country. However, Australia is a very secular country and 70% of the students in their schools are non-Adventist. Boston explains how he has found practices of evangelism to reach those students and bring them to Christ and how their schools constantly pursue an experience that can change somebody’s life. He says that you can’t expect defined outcomes if you don’t have a defined input. “The schools are lighthouses. If we lead children to Christ then we are going to have new lights in the houses, in the cities, and if we continue to lead the parents into the discipleship process, their lights are going to go on and expand, and ultimately they will fully lighten up the community. The schools are the primary pathway for discipleship in the secular context of Australia.”

John Boston is the Senior School Evangelist of the North New South Wales Conference.