Ministering to Boomers


Have you noticed there is an abundance of literature on how to reach millennials?[1]The church is not the only group trying to understand this target audience. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on market research to fully study their group habits, moral leanings, and decision-making processes. 

            While this is very important for the future, we must not forget the second-largest demographic group, the baby boomers.[2]It is true that market researchers have moved on from boomers because they are aging and because many are on fixed incomes and, hence, lack expendable spending. 

            The baby boomers came on the scene after the Second World War. There was such a “boom” in the number of children being born, they easily became the largest population group in modern history. Important decisions and infrastructure, such as building new schools, were necessary to accommodate this large group. 

            The current reality is that most of our churches are crowded with boomers. Without them, we would likely have to close our doors. The truth is, there are many more boomers in our communities who could benefit from the ministry of their local churches. Here are a few seminars that can be used to reach the boomers in your community.

·      Retiring With More 

·      Making Meals for One

·      Everything You Should Know About Advance Directives 

·      Finances for Seniors 

            These are just a few examples of seminars I have led in my community. The church is like a local shopping mall. You must have an offering for everybody, based on people’s personal needs. As boomers grow older, they are going to have unique issues that they must face, such as health, finances, and relationships. How can your church meet the changed needs of this generation? 


 Kumar Dixit is the creative principal of Dixit Media Group, an organization that rebrands religious and non-profit organizations. 

[1]Millennials are considered those who were born between 1981 and 1996. They are given this name because they came to age in the new millennium. 

[2]Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. These babies “boomed” or were born after the war.