2019 Summit on Abuse

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Abuse can happen anywhere, even church. You probably know someone who has suffered abuse. Pretending that abuse does not exist in "my church, school, community or home" only perpetuates its continuance. Learn what to do and how to help. The 2019 Summit on Abuse (Sept. 4 - Andrews University) will provide valuable training that will equip and prepare you for when abuse occurs. You can make a difference. Creating safe churches and communities starts with being informed. Together, we can keep the people in your church, school, camp, and community safe. (Read More) 

This year’s topics include: 

* Spiritual Abuse (identifying red flags and understanding patterns of behavior) 

* Practical Steps in Helping the Victim 

* How to Avoid Revictimization 

* Understanding Secondary Victims and How to Help 

* Survivor Testimony 

* The Porn Connection to Abuse 

* Bullying, Prevention, and How to Address It 

* Intimate Partner Violence (identifying situations and ways to help) 

Registration is free for anyone who wishes to participate. All are welcome to register and watch. 

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