How to Grow an Online Ministry


There are many ways that you can start a successful ministry, including running a Christian website or selling valuable products to consumers. By creating a website, you can create content that is relevant to your audience, such as writing Christian articles or preaching sermons on a podcast. If you embed one of the podcast hosting options (Libsyn or Podbean),  you can begin to record your segments to specific demographics.

Follow up with an advertising agency that allows you to place a banner or widget on your site, and then promote it to people who are interested in your articles, particularly Christian readerships. You can do this by marketing your website on social media channels, SEO, or running advertising campaigns. Using social media can help you to grow more followers that are interested in your content — people who will come back to your website. On social media, you can integrate your website to promote your posts individually and share portions of it on your network, especially on Facebook or Google Plus.

  If you want to really impact your readers, write articles that are in your niche, whether it is religious history, sermon briefs, or Scriptural expositions. Before you write an article, you should research other articles or books to obtain the information that you can put into your own words.

 You can also gain traffic and awareness to your website by guest blogging on sites that are related to yours. Most guest blogs, according to their own set of writing guidelines, will allow you to place a link to your website or within the body of the article for readers to click on keywords that represent what you've written in the past. As a result, you will gain readers from their blog's audience to help you grow a ministry based on other ministry site topics. 


Mark Slaney is a writer and senior care-giver in Warren, Pennsylvania