Connecting Through Unique Stories

When we look at the heart of the gospel, we must look at it from a perspective of relationship building. In this video Pastor Franklin talks about the importance of reallyconnecting with the community. He says that connecting with the community is not an appendage to the Gospel. It is not a program that we struggle to figure out how we can put in the church budget, but it is in the very center, in the heart of the gospel. He continues saying that God has called us to walk alongside people in our community. The predominant percentage of membership in our churches ought to come from people who live within the communities that our churches are in. Pastor Franklin emphasizes that if we want to do community outreach well, we can’t look at it as a system, but we need to see the people. “Everything that we do boils down to a single story. Every worship experience, every evangelistic series, every bible study, every outreach event is really about the single story, about the individual who is going to receive whatever it is we are trying to give to them or whatever mission that we are trying to accomplish as we go out and reach them. We need to see the single story.” Watch the video here.