One More by Hiram Rester

In this video Pastor Hiram Rester presents the message One More. He starts telling the story of Janelle Guzman a woman who was pulled from the rubble of Ground Zero after September 11 terrorists attacks. She was under the rubble for 26 hours when she was finally rescued. Rescuers continued to look for more survivors, but Janelle was the final survivor of that attack. Pastor Rester uses this illustration to teach about the ministry of “reaching one more” for the kingdom. He continues explaining that there has been another terrorist attack, a much bigger terrorist attack, of much grander scope: an entire planet has been hijacked! In fact, this terrorist attack is still under way, but the effort rescue has also been going on for quite some time. In Luke 19:10 we find the words of Jesus describing His mission: “For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.” That is Jesus’ rescue mission! He came to reach the masses, but he’s always looking for one more soul to save. Watch the video here.