The AdventistGiving App

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The AdventistGiving team is excited to introduce AdventistGiving mobile Apps!  The Apps are available in both iOS Appstore and Android’s Google Play store.  Just search using keyword “AdventistGiving” to download the App to your phone or tablet.

AdventistGiving is a ministry of the North American Division IT Services Department and provides a way for individuals to return tithe and give offerings from any PC or Mac, and now through any mobile device.  There are over 2,700 churches (and growing) enrolled in this service, and approximately 20% of all tithe given in the US and Canada is received through AdventistGiving.

Churches that wish to receive donations through the AdventistGiving App or website need to enroll with AdventistGiving first.  Church enrollment is both fast and easy, and is outlined below! 

 Church Enrollment Process
1.  Complete an enrollment form, making sure that the church pastor, church treasurer, and conference treasurer sign the form before submitting it for processing. Enrollment forms can be obtained by contacting, or by creating a treasurer’s account at  Click on “Treasurer portal” in the bottom, right corner of the screen.

2.  Provide a copy of a voided check from the church bank account.

3.  Church treasurer will set up the local offering list on the electronic tithe envelope.  This can only be done after a treasurer’s account is set up and authorized.

4.  Add anOnline Giving link to the church website.  This will be provided during the enrollment process.


AdventistGiving negotiates the lowest possible fees for online giving.  The costs are shared by the local conference (70%), union conference (10%), North American Division (10%) and General Conference (10%).

 - Each electronic check costs around 16 cents per transaction.

 - The cost of credit and debit cards varies. However, on average, the cost is 1.4% of the amount given.

As you can see, we do prefer the use of electronic checks whenever possible so that the conference, the union, the division, and the General Conference can keep the costs low and continue to sponsor the use of AdventistGiving and provide the service for free to the local churches.

Deposits to Churches

Money from donations given is received on behalf of the local church to an AdventistGiving bank account at the North American Division.  Reports are posted to church treasurer accounts and deposits aresent to church bank accounts twice each month:

1.  On the 1stday of the month the Official Deposit Report is posted in the treasurer's account for days 16 to the last day of the month, for the prior month.  A deposit that matches that report issent to the church bank account on the 4th business day of the month.

2.  On the 16thday of the month an Official Deposit Report is posted in the treasurer's account for days 1-15 of the current month.  A deposit that matches that report is sent to the church bank account 3 business days later. 

**If the 1st or 16th day of the month falls on a weekend or Holiday, reports are posted the nextbusinessday.

Members Account Donations
Individuals will be able to create/access their accounts in three ways:

  1.  Go to the church website and click on the Online Giving link to log in.

  2.  Go to https://AdventistGiving.orgto log in, and then search for a church.

  3.  Use one of our mobile Apps to log in.

Guest Donations
Individuals may give without logging into a member account just by clicking on Donateat the log in screen.  It is important that individuals enter a first and last name during a Guest transaction if they wish to receive a tax receipt at the end of the year.  When no name is entered the donation is sent to the church as an anonymous donation.

Web Browser
For those using a PC or Mac, it is better to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers when accessing AdventistGiving.   Some features do not work well with Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.


AdventistGiving has a very responsive support desk.  We exist to serve you!  In 2018 alone, just under 10,000 emails were sent, providing support to treasurers, pastors, and members.   

1.  Email:  --  Our help desk is available to assist treasurers and members.

2.  Fax: 1-866-424-0956 -- treasurers sometimes prefer to fax documents rather than email them.

Tax-deductible Donations Only
Only tax-deductible donations may be received through this service.  Churches may notset up payment categories to receive payments of any kind through AdventistGiving.  Contracts with payment vendors provide the lowest possible fees because we agree to only collect charitable donations.

Payment Methods

Individuals may save payment methods in a member account wallet so this information does not need to be entered each time they wish to donate.  Transactions can be made using a checking or savings account, or by credit card from Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Note:  Donations to churches in Canada may only be made by credit card.

Recurring Donations
Individuals may set up a periodic recurring donations in a member account.  Donations may be set up as weekly, biweekly, monthly, yearly, etc. 

Tax receipts are issued by the local church.  

Programming and Security
AdventistGiving and associated apps are written by denominationally employed IT Professionalsof the North American Division IT Services Department, or by contractors supervised by NAD IT Services.  AdventistGiving is entirely supported by NAD ITS. 

AdventistGiving maintains the highest levels of security and is monitored regularly. We recognize the sacredness of the tithe dollar (Lev. 27:30), and we employ the strictest standards to protect both the tithe dollar given, as well as the donor. Security is paramount. The AdventistGiving platform has never been compromised, and donor’s data has never been breached.

Judy Beers serves as Program Manager for AdventistGiving