The Adventist Giving App is a Game Changer!

Richis Halverson2.png

The AdventistGiving app is by far the most simple, convenient, way to give to your local church.

I was visiting a church when I came across a postcard about the AdventistGiving App. I had heard of it before but just never downloaded it. I gave online already so was this any different? Why change? But because the postcard had an easy to use QR code on the back to install the app on my phone I thought “Why not, I'll give it a try.”

The QR code was for either iPhone or Android. After capturing the image it took me to the app download page. I selected "get" beside the app and it started downloading. After a short download I opened the app and it brought me to a series of simple pages I could swipe through orienting me on the value of, and how to use the AdventistGiving app. 

Swiping through those pages I came to a page where it asked me to "select a church." The app then asked if it could use my "location services" to find the churches closest to me, (There is also an option to look up a church by name). Within seconds my church popped up. I selected the best church in the Georgia Cumberland Conference, Bowman Hills Seventh-day Adventist church (ok so I am a little biased). This brought me directly to the Bowman Hills donation page. It looked just like the paper tithe envelope, with all the main donation categories listed. 

Other features include making a "one-time donation" or a "recurring donations."  Don't see what you want to give to? Scroll down to "More Offering Categories" select it and a large list of donation categories will pop up. 

After you designate how much you want to give to tithe, church budget, and evangelism you select "continue." This will take you to the "login/registration page" If you've already registered just enter your email and password. If this is your first time select register. On the registration page you will enter all your personal info i.e. email, phone, address etc. and create a password. 

Don't worry all your personal information is secure, (definitely more secure than on a paper tithe envelope). After that you will be asked to enter you banking information. The best part is the app saves it so you only have to enter this information once. After you enter you bank, or debit card, info it will ask you to confirm your payment twice. You will get a confirmation email sent to you afterwards.

I thought paying online was easy. The Adventist Giving app is so much better than anything I have ever used. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface. The app is incredibly stable. It has never frozen up, or dropped yet. I've loved using it so much I wanted to bring that blessing and convenience to my church. 

We have been promoting the app at Bowman Hills through Facebook, bulletin, newsletter, and those great postcards with the QR codes. I have heard so many of my members tell me how much they love using it, young and old. 

As a pastor this is such a vital tool to stewardship. Whether you have a strong web presence or not this app is a great way to provide a more accessible way for people to give to God's mission. 

Maybe you don't have online giving at your church and the process of creating a greater online presence overwhelms you. Here is a your solution, the AdventistGiving App. Such a great way to give people an online giving option. You do not have to be a techie pastor to provide this great service to your congregation. The AdventistGiving App has done all the work for you! Anyone can use it. It's so easy to use my 90+ grandmother can use it, no really, she uses it, loves it, as I know you will too!

Richie Halvorsen is senior pastor for the Bowman Hills Church in Cleveland, Tennessee