Gen-Z Pastor Class


Generation Z (Gen Z) could not be more different than previous generations. Widely regarded as describing those born in 1995 and beyond, Gen Zs’ oldest members are now in high school and college, and have ambitious plans for their education, their careers and their lives. While they define themselves in digital terms, Gen Z also craves an environment where they can share with and co-create their spiritual life with their peers. These traits offer pastors greater opportunities to connect with these generations. The Alpha Generation (born 2010 and beyond) are just beginning elementary school. It’s a world of Screenagers where not only do they multi-screen and multi-task, but where glass has become the new medium for content dissemination and unlike the medium of paper, it is a kinesthetic, visual, interactive, connective and portable format. This class will explore the mindset of these generations and provide strategies to reach these generations for the kingdom.

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