Digitizing Your Delivery: Consider Radio


“Alexa, play LifeTalk Radio.”

That’s a command millions of users of the Amazon cloud-based service can say to launch LifeTalk Radio, a supporting ministry of the North American Division that broadcasts the gospel message throughout the continent. LifeTalk Radio’s Director and Manager John Geli says one of the goals of LifeTalk Radio is to empower churches and ministers to realize the potential of radio. Although it is considered “old technology,” it is far-reaching and effective.

“Radio is not dead, it’s morphing,” says Geli. 

LifeStyle Radio began in 1992 in Yakima, Washington. In less than 10 years after its inception, the ministry operated out of 12 stations. Today, the ministry is streamed not only through radio, but also through satellite and the internet. It was recently made available on the streaming service Roku, which has a distribution potential of 10 million households.

“We want to help our church to becoming more evangelistic by utilizing all of the tools of today. Radio and TV are very important, we need to use them for the gospel,” says Geli. 

Geli says the ministry always receives testimonials of how its programming has led listeners not only to God, but toward a deeper understanding of the Bible. A recent testimony came from a pastor in Tennessee who was not an Adventist but enjoyed listening to a Daniel and Revelation series from a LifeTalk Radio partner station.

“He [the pastor] came to learn about the Sabbath in a greater way, but it was presented in a nice, gentle way so he could learn what the Bible had to say.”

The pastor felt convicted by the Holy Spirit to share what he learned to his congregation. Once his members understood what the Bible says about the Sabbath, they also accepted it and decided to move their worship services from Sundays to Saturdays. 

The director of NAD Ministerial, Ivan Williams, Sr., also vouches for the uniqueness of ministering through radio. He says, “It is a multiplier. It can be places that physically we can never be.” Geli says LifeTalk Radio has also impacted the lives of people who live alone, or who are sick and shut-in - “whether it’s Multiple sclerosis, or bad back-pain,” the ministry has encouraged them through their struggles.

For those interested in starting their own station, or sponsoring an existing program, Geli says, “We’re here for you. Ministry needs to take place not just on Sabbath, but 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and radio can partner with you to help you do that.”


If you want to learn more, visit lifetalk.net or call 800-775-4673 (HOPE). John Geli can be reached via email, jgeli@lifetalk.net


Mylon Medley is a news writer and producer for the North American Division