Ministering to Single Moms

This video was presented by Jennifer Maggio who was a single mom and faced many difficult years, but it was thanks to the ministry of a local church that her life began to change. Eventually, with the blessing of God, she became the CEO of Fortune 500 Company, and today she employs her life in a special ministry to bless single mothers across the world. Maggio is the founder of ‘The Life of a Single Mom’ and she speaks on what God has done in her own life and through her experience.

She presents many staggering statistics: There are about fifteen million single mothers in the US alone. There are 15-year-old teen moms, 55-year-old grandmothers who are parenting alone unexpectedly, widows, women whose husbands are on extended military leaves, or whose husbands have been incarcerated. Any woman who is parenting alone in this country is a single mother. Those women are raising twenty-two million children! So, if your church has not considered the single parent family yet, she suggests to you that perhaps you need to. This is the fastest growing demographic not only on the United States, but around the world. 49% of all babies today are born outside of marriage in the US.

About 50% of marriages are failing and it doesn’t matter if it is a Christian home or not. 2 out of 3 single moms don’t go to church and less than 1% of all churches in North America do anything specific for them. These are not only numbers; these numbers represent people who are loved by God. Maggio continues saying that single moms don’t go to church because they don’t feel we want them there. They feel judged, ostracized, isolated and embarrassed.

A Single Moms’ Ministry meets single mothers where they are, and that is exactly what Jesus does, He meets people where they are. Maggio states: “Our God is in the business of transforming those things that are ugly and don’t make sense, the broken pieces, and putting them back together in a way that only He could.”