Community & Proclamation

In this video, Pastor Dustin Hall talks about evangelism, community, proclamation, and church growth. He says that we cannot take the cookie cutter approach in evangelism. What works in one city may not work in another city, or what works in one church may not work in another church. He tells the story of the church he was pastoring when he made this presentation at the ehuddle (NAD Evangelism Visioning and Leadership Team meetings) 2017– Southview SDA Church in Minneapolis – and about what happens when a church is passionate about the ministry of community and the ministry of the word. With confidence, he explains that some churches are good in the community but are not very good in proclamation, and some churches are good in proclamation but horrible in community.

He continues saying that if the church does not have both, it will not grow; it won’t make disciples, it won’t be sustainable, and it won’t keep the members that we are bringing in. His church has combined community and proclamation, and this has brought amazing results for the congregation,adding 141 new members in two and a half years. They have 40% of its members engaged in some kind of group outside of church, 85% of the new members are less than 45 years old and the tithe was up $70K in one year. He also says that sometimes God moves faster than you know how to keep up with. That’s what was happening when the early church started: They didn’t know how to keep up with all of God’s blessings.  He challenges pastors to be prepared for spiritual battles, and to be ready for the rapid movement that will happen when churches combine community and proclamation. He concludes thatthe ministry of the Word without the ministry of presence isn’t the ministry of the Word at all. The word must be made flesh.