The Grand Collaboration


It is futile for any ministry or organization to work as a silo unto themselves. Working alone in the face of so many opportunities to benefit from others only hinders or stunts the super potential of the exponential. There are so many benefits to sharing, partnering and collaborating, and the North American Division Ministerial Association has decided to be intentional about collaborating. 

Dan Jackson, NAD president, stated a few years ago the importance of the grand collaboration.  He envisioned the value of partnerships across the broad spectrum of ministry in our division for the sake of mission accomplishment.  He saw the benefits of our healthcare systems working closer with conferences, schools partnering with communities, church’s planting with the conference-union-NAD support. This meant that all ministries such as ASI, Community Services, Religious Liberty, etc. would work together in a much more synergized, systematic, aligned manner.  

The NAD Ministerial Association values the benefits of this grand collaboration. It has been our intention to focus on building bridges, establishing partnerships, integrating the greater ministerial community, being systematic in our collaboration by focusing on the ministerial journey-from the call of God-until retirement and beyond. Our work on the 7 Core Qualities, curriculum collaboration, ministerial director training, ministerial spouse leader training, women clergy, the InMinistry Center, recruiting of young people for pastoral ministry, church planting, life hope centers, convention planning, transformational evangelism, compassion, policy revision and development, continuing education, pastor development, best practices newsletters, CALLED digital magazine, and webinars has been forged through research, focus groups, and collaboration.

We are currently partnering with conference and union ministerial directors, the Adventist Learning Community, NAD College & University Schools of Religion faculty, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, North American Division Evangelism Institute, local church elders, conference and union administrations, evangelism coordinators, church planters, the theological societies of ATS & ASRS, pastors and their families, secretariat for policy revision, GC global mission and life hope centers, NAD education, Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, women clergy, ministerial spouses and leaders, and many more.

These are some of the benefits we have found through collaboration.

1.     It is mission critical.

2.     It builds greater trust through communication.

3.     It forges greater listening of ministerial organizations.

4.     It fosters innovation and ideas born from broader thinking.

5.     Greater transparency merges through agreed upon partnerships.

6.     Ideas are born out of best practiced experiences.

7.     Relevance, meaning and purpose rises when everyone is at the table.

8.     Resources are discovered.

9.     Competence and character are revealed.

10. Silo thinking and acting is not ministry sustainable.


Why not join us in the Grand Collaboration.