Hello, My Name Is… “Oh, You’re Dave’s Wife!”

Be honest. How many times have you been identified as an extension of your husband? Don’t get me wrong, I love being “Dave’s Wife”---and have loved it for the past 38+ years (well, most of the time J). But sometimes I would just like to be known as “Becky.” Becky, the one who would love to tell you about her grandchildren (yes, all 5 of them!). The one who loves walking her dogs, playing tennis, being creative, and spending time in her “quiet room” when she is home. The one who loves to work on crafts and all types of projects; and can communicate one-on-one, but feels way out of her comfort zone when put in front of a crowd.

Years ago when we served at a conference---Dave as executive secretary and I as an assistant in the Education Department---I prepared transcripts for students entering academy. I worked with the registrars of our local academies, asking and answering various questions. One day after speaking with the registrar from the academy where our son and daughter were enrolled, he asked me what my name was, to which I replied, “Becky Weigley.” I just knew that the next words to come out of his mouth were going to be, “Oh, you’re Dave’s wife!”
To my complete surprise and joy, he said, “Oh, you’re Jon and Christy’s mom!”
“Yes!” I exclaimed, pumping my fist in the air. “Yes, I’m Jon and Christy’s mom!”


Becky Weigley leads the Ministerial Spouses group for the Columbia Union Conference, in Columbia, Maryland.