A Visit to Church in the Valley - Video

A Visit to Church of the Valley

Prologue: We watch John Masigan, a pastor for the Kamloops, Barriere, and Clearwater Adventist Churches, as he takes a break from his district to visit Church in the Valley in Langley British Columbia. As we get to know him we discover that he would like to learn how he could help lead his churches into the gospel of compassion. He has accepted the invitation to spend a few days with pastor David Jamieson and Mike Dauncey at one of the most developed compassion evangelism cultures in the entire North American Division.

Act I: John sees firsthand what it is like to provide a breakfast club for a local public school. Church in the Valley has been feeding elementary school students eighteen years. The students don’t always get a breakfast at home, so this breakfast, sponsored by Church in the Valley lets the children concentrate on their studies. John and Pastor Dauncey stop by the principal’s office to seek advice about another act of kindness.

Act II: Extreme Home Repair is perhaps the signature event of Church in the Valley. John joins dozens of volunteers in the fun on demolition day as they fill a giant dumpster. He observes what it is like to completely transform the lives of a family as they are given a brand new home. He begins to catch a vision of what it means to offer kindness to the community with ‘no strings attached.’ He also learns a little bit more about the next act of kindness.

Act III: Sunday morning finds John driving down the road in the rain headed for the surprise car giveaway. He waits in the bushes as Dauncey knocks on the door of an unsuspecting single mom. He can’t wait to see what her reaction will be when she is handed the keys to her car.

Epilogue: Finally pastor John returns to his church thinking about how he will begin to breathe a vision of compassion ministry into his congregations.