A Visit to Chicago - Video

A Visit to Chicago

Juanfer Monsalve, a recent seminary graduate, has been asked by Georgia-Cumberland conference to plant a church for second generation Hispanics in Chattanooga . Because Pastor Monsalve’s church doesn’t fit in to either a traditional Spanish or Anglo church plant, he has few models to draw from. When given an opportunity to hang out for a weekend at Epic second generation church plant in Chicago, Monsalve immediately accepts. In this video documentary we watch through Juanfer’s eyes as a brand new church take shape in Chicago designed from the ground up to be a contemporary multi-cultural discipleship factory. Juanfer sees the Seventh-day Adventist message repackaged with new relevancy, authenticity, and vulnerability. He returns to Chattanooga with a refined vision and inspiration knowing that he is not the only one in the world planting churches for second generation immigrants.