Reaching Millennial Generations


Reaching Millennial Generations is a gathering for Spirit-filled leaders committed to the mission of the church in twenty-first century global youth culture from April 12–14, Berrien Springs, Michigan.

The spread of digital media, mobile communications and intercontinental transportation has produced a shared youth culture for millennial generations around the world. These conditions present unique opportunities for mission.

A global culture requires global thinking. At Reaching Millennial Generations you will learn from practitioners, thought leaders and denominational administrators, all of whom share a common calling to equip God’s people to be the body of Christ among new generations in a new millennium.

Our major presenter will be James Emery White, author of Meet Generation Z: Understanding and Reaching the New Post-Christian World. Other presenters include

  • Danielle Pilgrim, leader of a mentoring ministry for teens in Atlanta
  • Allan Novaes, Brazilian author of a book on Adventism and Pop Culture
  • Justin Khoe, a "digital missionary" on YouTube
  • Manuella Casti-Yeagley, a professor researching European post-institutional spirituality

In interactive sessions, this conference aims to foster a missional alignment in the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church—from best practices developed at the local level, to ideas generated at the academic level, and strategies shaped at administrative levels—to effectively reach millennial generations with the good news of Jesus and his return.

You will leave Reaching Millennial Generations inspired, challenged, and compelled by our mandate to share God’s hope for the human family with its newest members.

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