Evangelism Shark Tank


A huge highlight of the CALLED Pastors Convention in Lexington is the Evangelism Shark Tank, which will take place each night of the Convention, after the evening plenary session.

At the Shark Tank, Pastors from across North America, will pitch their innovative and effective Evangelism and Missional outreach initiatives for their churches to a panel of judges.

A total of $120,000.00 will be awarded for the top ideas and initiatives, as chosen by the panel. These funds will go to the churches to implement the initiatives presented by their Pastor at the Evangelism Shark Tank.

Application for Shark Tank Pitches will be accepted between January 1, 2020 and April 27, 2020


1. Fifteen Evangelism Shark Tank proposals will be chosen, out of all the applications, by the Evangelism Shark Tank planning team. There will be five participants each night, for the three nights of the convention (June 21, 22, 23), each participant will receive an award: 

1st Place: $20,000.00 (3 prizes)

2nd Place: $10,000.00 (3 prizes)

3rd Place: $5,000.00 (3 prizes)

4th Place: $3,000.00 (3 prizes)

5th Place: $2,000.00 (3 prizes)

2. The North American Division official Definition and Six Outcomes of Evangelism must be looked at and included in relevant and practical ways as part of the proposal. These elements will be given priority and weighed heavily in the selection of finalists by the Planning Team as well as in the score cards of the Panel of Judges during the Shark Tank.

3. Church members and the surrounding community must experience Jesus and a close relationship with Him through this initiative.

4. Community transformation must be an objective, something must happen outside the four walls of the church. Consultation with community leaders about the needs of the people around the church is a must. 

 5. Application must demonstrate the following:                  

•   how congregational life will be enriched with this initiative.

•   how the local community will be enriched with this initiative.  How it creates an opportunity for great relationships between church members and the community.

•   the vision, prayer life, organization, budget assessment, church board support, and human resources for the initiative

6. New projects will be given priority over existing projects. New ideas, which can be effective and can be replicated in other congregations, will be favored in the selection process.

7. Checks will be presented to the Pastors during the Closing Program on Wednesday, June 24, 2020; checks will be written to the Church; funds are only for the specific use of the proposed/winning initiative.

9. Pastors must be registered for the CALLED Ministerial Convention in order to be eligible to participate

10. The 15 selected finalists must make their presentations live before the audience and Panel of Judges at the Evangelism Shark Tank during the NAD Ministerial Convention.

11. The NAD Ministerial (Evangelism) Department will follow up with the winning Pastors and churches as they implement the initiatives.  The initiatives will be published and followed so other churches can duplicate them in their context.