More Research Participation Needed


We still need more participation in an important research!  The Institute of Church Ministry at Andrews University Theological Seminary and the NAD Ministerial Association are conducting research that is critical to the future of ministry in the NAD. We are conducting research that is critical to the future of ministry in the NAD.  This study is called A Study Investigating the Elements of Pastoral Longevity and Thriving. Your participation is important!

Data from this study will be utilized to answer several research questions; When pastors withdraw from full-time ministry, what factors are most salient in their decisions to leave? What elements or combination of factors are most significant in the decision that pastors make to stay engaged in pastoral ministry? What factors are most compelling for individuals to enter full-time pastoral ministry? What are the factors making pastors successful (i.e. their churches thrive)? In addition, study results will be utilized for a second study called A Quantitative Comparative Study of Employee Engagement among Full-time Seventh-day Adventist Pastors in the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists and Its Relationship to Level of Participation in Annual Pastoral Continuing Education (CE).

Participation in this study is anonymous. No personal or professional risk will occur. Your identity will not be known. Demographic data will be collected, but no personal identity questions will be asked. Conference demographic data will be coded to eliminate potential for tracking survey data to a specific Conference.

Although respondents may not immediately benefit directly from participating in this study, all will make a major contribution to the information known about long-term pastoral longevity and the relationship between employee engagement and pastoral CE. This study involves full-time NAD pastors. 

The survey can be found @, and will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. 


For questions or concerns contact the following:

Dr. Petr Cincala – Director of the Institute of Church Ministry at the Seminary at Andrews University @

Sharon Aka – Andrews University PhD Leadership student researcher @

 Dr. Ivan Williams – Director NAD Ministerial @