Urgent Need for Pastoral Research Participants!


Would you like a gift card for $25.00? Participation in a pastoral survey is a great way to have a chance to win one of many gift cards to be given away! We would love for you to lend your voice to this research. Your perspective matters!

The survey can be found @ https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MTJDSYM.  It takes 30 minutes to complete.  The data from this survey is going to help multiple entities learn how to increase support for Adventist pastors.   

Please ‘speak up’ in the form of completing this survey; it will make a difference to you and your pastoral peers.

Thank you!


NAD Ministerial, the Institute of Church Ministry – Andrews University Seminary, & Sharon Aka – PhD researcher. 

For questions:

·       Dr. Petr Cincala – Director of the institute of Church Ministry at the Seminary at Andrews University @ cincala@andrews.edu

·       Sharon Aka – Andrews University PhD researcher @ sharonaka@nadadventist.org or akas@andrews.edu

·       Dr. Ivan Williams – Director NAD Ministerial @ ivanwilliams@nadadventist.org