Response Summit

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Worship. Take a moment to think of the first picture that came to your mind when you read that word. Perhaps you thought of a setting. A quiet place of intimate encounter. Maybe you pictured a majestic mountain top experience. You might have thought about a choir singing. Maybe you imagined the sound of a particular song, a specific tune. Several things can come to mind when we think about worship. It is, after all, an important component of our lives. 

As those images about worship continue to pop in your mind, maybe some are accompanied by conversations you’ve had. Those conversations might be good, intense even; and no doubt, some of them are worth forgetting. Reality is, more times than naught, the conversation about worship can get hijacked by debates about musical preference and setting predilection, rather than a substantial conversation about worship itself. We can be so passionate about these debates, that we think they are relevant worship conversations, but they are not. All they achieve is to obscure the theological essence of worship with noise about music and other elements of worship, that though important, are not the center of adoration. It is necessary to have the conversations, and have them in a space that allows for them while staying focused on the central theme. And that is what this event aims to achieve. 

Response aims to move beyond the noise and recover the relevant conversation of what worship is and what it can be. We want to go beyond the debate, and share what Scripture has to say about this important topic. This is a summit where we will talk about theological principles that can be applied in a practical way to our corporate and individual worship and that can be implemented in your particular church context; regardless of the size of the congregation. Fact is, that to have meaningful worship you don’t need every single musical instrument out there.  You don’t need all the colors of the pallet to paint a beautiful picture of God, sometimes all you have is a pencil, and that is all God needs to make beautiful art. Response wishes to rediscover the joy of worship, in every setting, especially in the intimate setting of smaller congregations. 

Join us for a meaningful time where we will talk about worship, but more importantly where we will worship. Mark the dates: October 24 – 27 2018. Sign up at 

J. Harold Alomia is Lead Pastor for the College View Church in Lincoln, Nebraska