Critical Components of Effective and Lasting Pastors


The purpose of this course is to provide pastors with the important components of having an effective and long-lasting ministry in the local church setting. This course looks at preaching, pacing, and qualities of an effective pastor. This course has great content for the pastor in need of knowing how to be more effective, or take better care of his own personal spiritual and emotional health during ministry.

By the end of this course you will understand a method for preparing a sermon, understand the theology for sermons, be convinced of the necessity of centralizing prayer in your ministry, understand differentiation and how that affects your emotional health in ministry, be able to identify your own level of anxiety, understand a basic approach to coping with critics and criticism, understand some tools needed to pastor for the long haul, be convinced to make connecting with God the center of your ministry, be able to recognize the role of father as being equally important as pastor, understand the 6 major areas the father should impact his children in his home, and understand some factors that will contribute toward better pastoral self-care.

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