Introduction to the Gospels


This short 5-hour mini-course introduces the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and the issues and key themes found in them. The Gospels have much to offer in the way of learning about Jesus, and your relationship with Him. You will learn some of the background of the Gospels, and the main ideas and themes of each Gospel. It is hoped that although this course is factual you will also come to know Jesus better by delving into His story.

You will be actually reading the Gospels as an Enrichment assignment, and learning from the main lesson content and short video presentations. Quizzes per each lesson and a 25-question test at the end of this mini-course will evaluate your learning. Enrichment videos and assignments are encouraged for your own personal learning, but are not tested. You will earn 0.5 continuing education units.

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