The Appearing is coming to churches throughout the NAD October 11-15


This fall, join hundreds of churches across North America for The Appearing, a five-part seed-sowing experience from the Voice of Prophecy. During this all-new outreach event October 11-15, Pastor Shawn Boonstra will share timely truth about the Second Coming with your guests, comparing what the Bible says with several of the most popular end-time theories today.

“With all the natural disasters and current events in the news, many people in your community are thinking about the end times,” said Pastor Boonstra. “Now is the time for us to share what the Bible says about the days we’re living in—and to share our glorious hope in the Appearing of Jesus soon to come.”

In each of these five sessions, Pastor Boonstra will lead your audience through the key Bible passages that dispel many of today’s most popular myths about the end times. Each session begins with a 30-minute video from Pastor Boonstra, in a documentary format that meets the high standards modern audiences expect. Each video is followed by a guided discussion led by the pastor or a local church elder, giving you an opportunity to personally connect with your guests.

Over the last two years, more than a thousand churches have participated in short, targeted outreach events from the Voice of Prophecy, with programs like Shadow Empire and A Pale Horse Rides. Leaders at these churches have found that this innovative style of event is effective in reaching new people in their communities.

“I appreciate Pastor Boonstra partnering with the churches,” said Marcus Harris, senior pastor of the Dupont church in Washington DC. “The resources and information for A Pale Horse Rides was outstanding. I feel like I was a Voice of Prophecy speaker with this program.”

When you sign up to host The Appearing during the national event October 11-15, the Voice of Prophecy will provide the basic materials you need to hold the event at no cost to you. These free resources include a DVD with Pastor Boonstra’s video messages, and the slides and speaker notes you need to lead the guided discussion after each video. Other event resources are available for purchase, including full-color study guides and a companion book you can share with guests.

The Voice of Prophecy has partnered with SermonView Evangelism Marketing to offer effective promotional resources specifically made for this event, including direct mail, online advertising, road signs and a personalized pre-registration website. At past events, the Voice of Prophecy found that churches who invested in direct mail advertising saw three times as many guests as those who didn’t. For an investment of less than $3,000, your church can hold a complete event with full-color study guides, companion books to share with guests, and a complete promotional package that includes banners, online advertising, and direct mail.

“We’re excited to bring The Appearing to your church” said Pastor Boonstra. “This event is going to be easy: five meetings, plug-and-play discussions, and an invitation to join a Bible study. It really is that simple.”

Sign up today to become a host church for The Appearing during the national event October 11-15. You’ll receive a free DVD with the event videos, slides and speaker notes for the guided discussion, plus special pricing for other event resources and promotional packages. Sign up now at, or call the Voice of Prophecy’s special event resource hotline at 1-888-744-1958. - Larry Witzel