Help your Members Participate in a World Church Survey

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“Every five years, the Seventh-day Adventist World Church conducts a survey of Church Members across the globe. The survey is designed to discover what members believe, their experiences with the Church, and how members live their daily lives; this is done by by focusing questions on members’ beliefs, practices, religious and spiritual attitudes and behaviors, family life, community involvement, and the Adventist health message, among other items. 

This survey will help Church leadership not only understand what members believe and do, but is also very valuable in strategic planning for our evangelistic, discipling, and nurturing efforts at the local church, conference, union, division, and global levels. The goal of the current study is to measure progress of church members in three aspects reflected in the Reach the World 2015-2020: Reach Up to God, Reach In with God, and Reach Out with God. The data from this survey will be very helpful as we assess the needs of Church membership and how your Church can best meet those needs.

This survey provides a unique opportunity by allowing you to: 

1.    tell the World Church leaders what you believe, think and do

2.    tell World Church leaders what is important to you about our Church

3.    tell World Church leaders what you see as the strengths of our Church

4.    tell World Church what needs to be done to make our Church a stronger community of faith

Please note: this survey takes about an hour of your time. We encourage you not to become overwhelmed or weary because of the length; you are providing valuable information, and we very much appreciate your participation in this voluntary survey!

Below is the link to this only surveyin English:

If you prefer the survey in Spanish, click here:

Should you have any questions regarding this survey, please write to Dr. Petr Cincala at, who is responsible for the data collection in NAD.” 


Petr Cincala is an Assistant Professor of World Mission and Director for the Institute of Church Ministry at Andrews University