Work Bee Safety

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Summer is a time when many churches and schools conduct work bees or perform maintenance projects. Churches engage numerous volunteers during Vacation Bible School and during church sponsoredprograms. Safety practices in compliance with OSHA safety standardsmust befollowed during all work bees and other volunteer activities. This requires those supervising the activity to enforce all safety rules for both employees and volunteers. All workplace accidents involving both employees or volunteers should be reported to the Conference office within 24 hours so appropriate notification can be made to the appropriate insurance providers.

The Adventist Churchbelieves in workplace safety.  Volunteer Safety - An Essential Ministryis an eight minute video designed to address safety issues at the local church. It was developed to encourage pastorsand church leaders to think safety during workbees, special programs and mission trips. It provides an easy to use safety training resource that can be shared with church boards, ministry leaders and before specific projects.  We encourage you to use this resource which can be found on You Tube: 

Arthur F. Blinci is the Plan Administrator for the Pacific Union California Workers Compensation Plan