Approaching Church from a Multicultural Perspective

During the 2017 ehuddle in Orlando, Florida John Boston, former pastor of the Columbus Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church in the Allegheny West Conference, spoke on church identity and the importance of reaching the communities surrounding our churches. Boston is now an Evangelist for the North New South Wales Conference in Australia. 

In this video, Boston speaks on the importance of measuring church identity in the hours spent ministering to members of the community. With his primary advice being to approach church from a multicultural perspective. He offers tips on how to do this based on what his church in Columbus had done, boldly stating that “in 5 years, if your church does not engage in a multicultural approach, you will be an impotent ministry.” Boston encourages listeners to approach church in a way that values many cultures and walks of life despite the financial restraints this approach may have at first because, “in being faithful to God’s work, things will come to pass.”