Five Minutes and a Chance to Win $200


Christian Record Services for the Blind received twice as many online gifts this year as last, thanks to you and your churches participating in the April 14 Annual Day of Giving. 

Each year, we provide a variety of tools to help pastors and their teams prepare and collect the offering that helps sustain this ministry. We enjoy doing this work but also want to be the best stewards we can and so we need your help. We have created a five-question survey that should take only five minutes of your time. In this survey we ask you, of the tools we created, which ones did you use and prefer.

We will draw two names from the those who complete the survey. One will receive a $200 gift card and the other a $100 gift card. That’s how much we value your input!

This year, we told the story of Maddox, a young man who has albinism and is blind. Neither of these conditions has slowed this energetic teenager down—as seen in the video when he jumps off platforms, rides horses, and dives into swimming pools at summer camp for the blind. It was also at camp where he was introduced to the love and saving grace of God, and where he gave his life to Christ. In his own words, “If I have to go through life blind, I’d rather do so with God.”

Christian Record Services for the Blind has served people who are blind for more than 100 years, and with your assistance we plan to do so until Christ comes again. Survey Link