Lead Podcast


There are a million podcasts. Now there are 1,000,001! The LEAD Podcast drops on April 1. The podcast is designed to help you as you lead in four areas:

Leadership - Since everything rises or falls on leadership, we will give you tools to help you lead and join the fight against mediocrity. What does it take to lead well? Lots of practical applications here.

Evangelism - What works. What will work. From people that are doing it, today. Since evangelism and discipleship are in fact Siamese twins we will cover both. We will find best practices and practitioners.

Accountability - Sex. Power. Money. All can derail a leader. Honest conversations from people that experienced both success and regret. 

Diversity - We live in a diverse world, but it seems we are more insulated than ever. Instead of living in an eco chamber lets address issues that will propel mission not stall it. We will tackle the tough issues. Consistently.

The podcast is co-hosted by Roger Hernandez and Ryan Becker who bring both innovation and experience to the table.

Why should you listen? Three reasons.

One: We will strive to put content up that is helpful. Nobody has any time to waste. We won’t waste yours.

Two: Giveaways. Books, resources, and sometimes even cash so you can go get some of your own.

Three, (read one and two)


Listen here: www.theleadpodcast.com, iTunes, Stitcher, Castbox, Pocket Cast.

New episodes bi-monthly (or so)

Some of the guests in first quarter include: 

Dr. Les Pollard on liturgy, its connection to evangelism and mission and attitudes of millennials toward church.

Jamie Doss: what is your church’s strategy for social media? How can you leverage it for mission?

Roger Hernandez: what evangelism works today? Why is the church poised for a comeback?

Dr. Wesley Knight: sex. Sex and the leader. Sex and accountability. Sex.

Jose Rojas: how do you deal with criticism as a leader? What toll does it take on your family?


Roger Hernandez is the Ministerial and Evangelism Director for the Southern Union Conference