A Plate of Pancakes

Lindsey Painter.png

The Healdsburg church members wanted to increase their low Sabbath School attendance and give church members a way to socialize informally at church. And that’s when the Breakfast Ministry was born. Three out of four Sabbaths each month, members selected by the nominating committee, come before Sabbath School to prepare a special breakfast. This is no ordinary breakfast! On various Sabbath mornings you might find pancakes, french toast, scrambled eggs, veggie sausage patties, tater tots, or delicious egg bakes. The committee members get all the food and cook it. No potluck requirements for members!

The breakfast committee has a budget provided by the church, but members of the committee often donate the food themselves. Now almost every Sabbath the church members can come and eat a delicious breakfast for free and enjoy each other’s company in an informal way. 

And where do they go after breakfast? To Sabbath school of course! For more than 12 years now, on Sabbath mornings before Sabbath School, a delicious smell can be detected upon entry into the church. Laughter and chatter can be heard coming from the dining area. People share their woes and their fears and receive support from their church family. And Sabbath School attendance has increased and remained high! All over a plate of pancakes.

Lindsey Painter is a writer, teacher, and mother of two. She’s married to Jimmy Painter, the pastor for the Healdsburg and Cloverdale churches in Northern California