eHuddle ’18

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The eHuddle ’18 (NAD Evangelism Visioning & Leadership Team gathering) just concluded with raving reviews from pastors, departmental directors and administrators.  Presentations will remain online on facebook for two more weeks:

-Session 1: Dan Jackson

-Session 2: Jennifer Maggio, David Jamieson, Ann Roda, Paulo Macena 

-Session 3: Jake Mulder, Shantel Smith 

-Session 4: Alex Bryant, North New South Wales Church Revitalization, Team, Abdiel del Toro

-Session 5: Jennifer Deans, Steve Leddy, Scott Griswold, NAD Evangelism Funding Initiatives, Ed Schmidt (NAD Evangelism Institute) 

-Session 6: Hiram Rester, Jose St. Phard, Ruben Ramos, David Franklin

Closing Session: Jose Cortes Jr.