Small Groups

During the 2017 eHuddle in Orlando, Florida, Pastor Anna Bennet, Associate Chaplain at Southern Adventist University, and Vanessa Hairston, former Southern Adventist University student, spoke on small groups and the importance of being intentional in forming disciples in a relaxed and friendly environment where any person can participate.

 In this video, Bennet and Hairston speak on the importance of empowering the young people through small groups. When students consistently participate in small groups and are purposely empowered and coached, they become active disciple makers themselves. In time, they become intentional mentors and coaches to other students. Currently, Southern Adventist University has one hundred small groups on campus with 1,200 students involved in eighty meetings per semester! Twenty of those students are paid workers who help other students grow in their spiritual lives and are encouraged to go deeper with Jesus. Bennet and Hairston emphasize that, if the pastor pours into the lives of the small group leaders, consequently the leaders will pour into the lives of the small groups’ participants giving to each one of them the opportunity of becoming disciples. Through their experience with small groups at Southern Adventist University, Bennet and Hairston challenge pastors and leaders to form small groups and intentionally make disciples to reach souls for the kingdom.