Church Announcements From New Platforms

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A few years ago the Spencer, Iowa church became heavily involved in social media. One day we realized that our next step was to take our weekly rolling announcement slide show used in the worship service and share it on our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

The video is made on an iMac using the program called Keynote. A basic template is made, and then I add or subtract pictures from my folders as needed. While the internet is full of useful images, the best and safest pictures are taken by local church photographers and paid image bank subscriptions. Background music must be copyright free, otherwise Facebook and Youtube will not let your video be shown. We get permission for some of the music we use, and the rest comes from the Free Music Archive of Kevin MacLeod. It is handy to keep a couple of folders on your computer for images and music you can use throughout the year.

Once the video has been made on Keynote it is then moved to iMovie and made into a video which then can be sent to your desktop or burned to a video that can be used the next morning in church. Once the video is on your desktop it can also be uploaded to Facebook or the social media of your choice. We like to upload on Friday so people can have the information for next day at church or for the upcoming week. You can do the same thing on a non-Mac computer. 

Posting your rolling announcements to social media is a great way for members to find out what’s happening at church. It is also a great opportunity for friends in the community to see what your church is doing and what is happening in your active church. Posting community events and other community church events on your rolling announcements may also make it more likely that they will do the same for you on their social media platforms.

We live in a digital, social media age and it is a great benefit for your church to engage it. We are a small church, but have nearly 9,000 followers on Twitter, nearly 10,000 video views on Youtube, and have people watching our sermons from as far away as Russian. One will most likely never know how far media can extend the reach of even a small church!

Jeff Johnson is the social ministries leader for the Spencer, Iowa church