Summit on Abuse


Q         When is the Summit on Abuse?
A          Monday, September 11, 12 pm to 4:30 pm EDT

Q         Where is the Summit on Abuse?
A          Live Streamed on Facebook:

Q         Do I need a Facebook account to view the broadcast?
A          Yes. If you don’t have one, sign up ahead, or view it with a friend.

Q         Should I register in advance?
A          Registering in advance will give you the latest details on any scheduling changes as well as access to all of the End It Now resources. Register

Q         Why should I attend?
A          To better equip your congregation in the prevention of, and healing from abuse.

Q         Do I have to be a pastor to attend?
A          No. Anyone can watch, but the content is designed particularly for pastors.

Q         Should children watch?
A          This even is for adult audiences only.

Q         What topics will be covered?
A          Child Abuse. Child-to-Child Bullying. Teen Dating Violence. Intimate Partner Violence. Misapplied Scriptures. Pastors’ Legal Responsibilities Regarding Abuse; Pastoral Care for the Abuser.

Q         Who are the speakers?
A          Kiti Freier Randall. David Fournier. Lola Moore Johnston. Mable Dunbar. Mike Tucker. Mark Chopko.

Q         Can I receive Continuing Education Credit for the event?
A          Yes. You can record .5 credits for the event at Adventist Learning Community.

Q         Will there be resources available after the broadcast?
A          Yes. has a growing number of resources.

Q         Will the Pastors’ Summit on Abuse be broadcast in Spanish?
A          Yes. An entire new broadcast with Spanish presenters will be livestreamed Tuesday, September 12, from 12 pm to 4:30 pm on Facebook. Register

Q         Where can I go for more information?