Stories We Tell: Not Enough Rocks

In the story of Forrest Gump, Forrest goes to visit his friend Jenny one day.  There she is, in front of the old house where she grew up. Here abusive father has just died, and the horrible memories are so overwhelming all she can do is grab every rock in sight and throw them at the old house with all her might. Finally, Jenny falls to the ground exhausted, crying hysterically. And Forrest Gump says, “Sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks.”

All of us have an old house in our lives. Memories from the past that haunt us. Things that havebeen imposed on us – the mother that yelled at you every single day. The father who was never there. The summer camp counselor who touched you in an inappropriate way. The boss that ruined your career. The former spouse who turned the kids against you. Sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks.

Then there are the things we have brought on ourselves – the ego, the ambition that drove you to the top of your business at the expense of your children, your health, your integrity. The shop-‘til-you-drop frenzy that plunged you head-over-heels into credit card debt. The desire to fit in with your old friends that threw you back to square one with all the old addictions. The angry flurry of words spoken in the heat of the moment that drove a wedge between you and a brother, sister, parent, child, friend. The neglected marriage that slipped into a chat room, and then a hotel room, and then divorce court. After a while the regret and the guilt is so overwhelming, there just aren’t enough rocks.

Let’s be honest – All of us are damaged. All of us carry deep scars. All of us have failed.  All of us have made mistakes. All of us have made bad choices. All of us have regrets. All of us have struggled with guilt.

Everyone needs redemption. Everyone needs hope. Everyone needs a Savior.

Dan Martella is administrative pastor for the Paradise, California church and is managing editor for Best Practices for Adventist Ministry