Sample Job Descriptions

For volunteers to succeed in ministry they need to know what their church expects of them. Rather than have to re-invent the wheel for every job description, the North American Division has put together some samples for your congregation. This is a fairly comprehensive list, yet there may be some positions in your congregation that are not mentioned in this list, and this list has far more positions than any church could possibly have. Feel free to add, subtract, use, adapt, edit, and make your own.

Click on any of the titles below and a pdf will open up that you are free to print or share with your volunteer placement team.

Adult Sabbath School Coordinator

Adult Sabbath School Facilitator

Adult Sabbath School Secretary

Adventurer Club Director

Bible Studies

Children’s Church Leader

Children’s Ministries Coordinator

Children’s Sabbath School Assistant

Children’s Sabbath School Leader

Children’s Sabbath School Teacher

Church Board Member

Church Clerk

Church Treasurer

Communication Representative

Community Services Director

Community Services Volunteer

Deacon and Deaconess

Disabilities Ministries Coordinator

Education Secretary


Family Ministries Coordinator


Health Ministries Leader

Home and School Association


Inner City Coordinator

Investment Leader

Lay Evangelist

Lay Pastor

Men’s Ministry Director

Music Ministry

Outreach Coordinator

Pathfinder Club Director

Planning Committee

Prospect Care Coordinator

Religious Liberty Leader

School Board Chairperson

School Board Member

Seminar Coordinator

Small Group Leader

Social Committee



Vacation Bible School Director

Visitation Team

Volunteer Ministries Coordinator

Women’s Ministries Leader

World Missions Coordinator

Young Adult Ministries Coordinator

Young Adult Sabbath School Assistant

Young Adult Sabbath School Leader

Young Adult Ministries Coordinator

Youth Ministries Coordinator

Youth Sabbath School Leader