New NAD Ministerial Association Website

We at NAD Ministerial have retooled our entire communication family around the central concept that story is the most powerful tool to expedite change. From our redesigned Best Practices email newsletter family, to our brand-new websitestory is king.

Adventist Churches in North America are entering a time of great challenge and opportunity; both in the country of the United States, and within the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. NAD Ministerial is positioned to support pastors and ministerial directors as you leverage these opportunities for the kingdom of God.

One of the most powerful ways we can serve is to tell the conference stories of pastors who are turning challenge into opportunity. Pastors are the ‘R&D engineers’ for the Adventist denomination. Week in and week out you seek ways to equip your congregations for renewed relevance in a rapidly changing social landscape. As pastors, we learn best from each other. Telling your stories is the key to inspiration and education.

As ministerial directors share your stories with NAD Ministerial, we promise to curate them through our website, through Best Practices email, and through our CALLED digital magazine. Because pastors are busy people, our new format allows you to scroll through the stories rapidly and dig deep into stories that have the most relevance to your particular setting. Each story has a captivating picture, compelling caption, click through to read the entire story, and social engagement.