God’s City, My City Transforming Communities through Christ’s Love

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“God’s City, My City: Transforming Communities through Christ’s Love” is the theme for the Urban Mission and Ministry Congress September 6-8, 2018. The vision of the Congress is people transformed, empowered, and equipped to provide outstanding leadership for the Gospel in true urban contexts. The planners see the Congress as an opportunity to revolutionize the mission of sharing Christ in the city center.

The church has a mandate to serve, be compassionate, to relate, to build community, and to share the Gospel with people in the city. The need to re-set and re-frame the ministry of the church is urgent. The Congress provides an opportunity for reflection that shapes the church’s understanding of urban community and promotes Christ’s method of reaching people across cultures.

The event is for pastors, organizational leaders, local ministry leaders, and students. It is led by a collaboration of the North American Division Evangelism Institute, North American Division Ministerial and Community Services, the Seminary, and the General Conference.

Speakers for the plenary sessions are Carlton Byrd, Oakwood University, Noel Castellanos, Christian Community Development Association, Chicago, Erica Ford, LIFE Camp, Inc., New York, Roger Hernandez, Southern Union Conference, Dan Jackson, President, North American Division, Will James, Pastor, Paradise Valley Church, Richard Perry, Professor of Church, Society and Urban Ministry, Lutheran School of Theology, Todd Stout, Pastor, Church of the Advent Hope, Emanuel Cleaver II, United States Congressman, Kansas City, Missouri, Tim Wise, anti-racism author and educator, Peter Bath, Vice President of Kettering Health Network for Missions and Ministry, and church planters Anthony Wagner Smith, Kymone Hinds, and Matt Stockdale with Jose Cortez. Each of the sessions includes brief features, two 18 minute talks, followed by Q and A, a panel, and a reception.

Seminars dealing with various issues will be offered in four tracks: underserved neighborhoods, secular culture, mission, and public life.

The Congress will be located in the Howard Performing Arts Center of Andrews University. Learn more about the Congress by visiting www.urbanmissionandministry.com or register by going to www.adventsource.org.


Skip Bell is Professor of Christian Leadership at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary on the campus of Andrews University