How Safety Sabbath Protects Your Church

The natural first response to an emergency is to deny that the situation is happening. When in denial, we fail to react in a way most efficient to prevent loss. Being unprepared and failing to respond can be deadly. As active shooter and other emergency situations continue to occur, we need to be ready. Holding an annual safety drill educates your church members on how to react proactively in dangerous situations to protect lives instead of being paralyzed by fear.

Safety Sabbath Makes Your Church READY
Children under the age of 4 and the elderly are those most at risk for death or injury caused by fire emergencies.1 These individuals will typically need assistance in an evacuation. After conducting an annual safety drill, your church will have an up-to-date emergency response plan and a working relationship with local first responders. Your church will have practiced during the training and be ready to respond to real emergencies and keep your congregation safe.

Safety Sabbath Saves MONEY
When people are injured, or property is damaged in an emergency, it is important to restore loss with monetary coverage. Insurance payments for medical bills and property damage are expensive. From 2011-2016, fire-related claims in North America cost the Adventist Church more than $15 million dollars.2 This is money that could have been used to sponsor Christian education for students, fund mission trips and missionaries, and further the work of the church. Holding regular safety drills helps your church practice evacuation and response procedures. Proactive training prepares your church to prevent steep losses in a real emergency.

Safety Sabbath Sends a MESSAGE
Be an example to your community and share that your church cares about the security of the community, your church members, and guests. Holding a yearly safety drill sends the message that your church takes planning for the unexpected seriously.

Join churches in the North American Division and Adventist Risk Management, Inc. in making Adventist churches secure by holding a safety drill on March 25, 2017. Register your church to hold an Active Shooter or Fire Drill. Access free videos, guides, children’s activity sheets, and more emergency planning resources at Join us for one Sabbath, one drill, a safer church.

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Anna Bartlett is a writer and education specialist for Adventist Risk Management

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2Adventist Risk Management, Inc. Claims Files for the North American Division, 2011-2016. Accessed October 2016.