Stories We Tell - Squeezing Lemons

By Dan Martella

Many years ago there was a great big hulk of a man who performed in the circus. In his act he would squeeze lemons between his bare hands until they were absolutely dry, and then he would say to the audience, “I will give $200 to anyone here that can squeeze one more drop out of this lemon!”

One day the hulk made his pitch and an old woman with arthritic hands made her way to the front. She grabbed that used up lemon, squeezed it real hard, and out came one more drop of lemon juice.

The crowd went wild, and as the man handed her the $200, he said, “Lady, I have to ask you – how did you do that?”

With a twinkle in her eyes she said, “Practice! I was a church treasurer for 32 years!”

Dan Martella is administrative pastor for the Paradise, California church and managing editor for Best Practices for Adventist Ministry