Beltsville Church Builds Patio for Police

By Kermit Netteburg
The Beltsville police now have a peaceful patio where officers can catch a break from the hectic pace of patrol, thanks to the efforts of the Beltsville Seventh-day Adventist Church and other community groups.
“We wanted to show our support for our local police officers in a tangible way,” said Pastor Tim Madding of the church.
The patio wasn’t completed until July, even though the project began in April.  “It was way more complex than we thought it would be.” Pastor Madding said.
The church invited the police officers to come to its worship service on Saturday, April 2.  The pastor thanked the officers for their service, then invited the officers to the platform and prayed for their safety.
Then the pastor announced the building project, to help police have a place to focus their thoughts and rebuild their energies.

The project took a lot longer than expected.  Church members arrived with pick axes, rakes, shovels, and other gear needed to tame the backyard patio area of the police station.  They laid patio block in the shape of a cross, installed a grill and a picnic table, and created two flower beds.
Church member Claudio Consuegra is a chaplain with the Prince Georges Police, and he suggested the idea of the patio.  “Our safety officers need a place that’s safe and away from the crowds they serve.  I’m thrilled my church was willing to lead this project.” he said
The Filipino-American Capital Seventh-day Adventist Church joined Beltsville Church, as did the Explorers, a youth group led by the Prince County Law Enforcement Officers.