Ministry Hacks: Involve Kids

By Garrison Chaffee

Recently I found myself at our local church school leading morning devotions with students from a number of classes.  Right in the middle of our worship time, my cell phone beeped to remind me of the day’s to-do list.  The first thing on the list was to call the oldest member of our church and wish him a happy 90th birthday. 

Suddenly I got an idea.  I paused the morning devotions and asked the kids if they would be willing to join me in calling Fred to wish him a very happy birthday.  They immediately agreed. 

So we called Fred and sang Happy Birthday to him.  Fred was quite surprised to hear the kids sing and later wrote to thank us for the birthday greetings.  It was a great opportunity to involve kids in blessing a church member on the other end of the age spectrum.

Garrison Chaffee is pastor for youth and young adult ministries in Paradise, California